We exist to help and encourage those whose lives have been negatively affected by fundamentalist legalism in the church and to challenge those who promote tradition over Scripture.

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About RFP

Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

Insider view as a child

I grew as a missionary child to a family in the Rock of Ages and attended Dogwood Valley Baptist Church. I have seen corruption and manipulation like you wouldn’t believe. The biggest problem with the IFB world in my perspective is that it is narcissistic abuse in all...

Did I grow up in a cult?

I am a woman who grew up in an ifb church. (And survived!) My parents refuse to acknowledge that it was a cult still to this day. Even despite several family members pleading with them to leave the "cult". My sister and I truly believe we grew up in a cult. Here goes:...

A Little About Me

My roots are in the IFB; my parents came from a relatively benign form of the movement, but even there the harmful effects were latent. My dad was considerably older than my mom, his second wife. My relationship with him was not cold or distant, but it was not the...

Why I Left The IFB

I was raised in an IFB church in central North Carolina from the age of 5-18. I made a profession at the age of 6 because that’s what everyone else was doing. As I grew up in this church and began to understand more, it became clear to me that what was being preached...

Former IFB Missionary

First, I must say I have been a little hesitant to share my journey. I have listened for awhile and can agree with much y'all discuss about the nonsense that goes within the name of "Fundamentalism." But, I didn't grow up in the hermetically sealed world of the IFB...

Saved and Called to the Ministry in a KJVO SBC Church

I'm not sure how unique my story is, but I was saved in a staunchly KJVO church in upstate SC that also belonged to the SBC. The Pastor, who is unfortunately no longer in the ministry, had all of the characteristics of an IFB pastor yet could not stand IFB churches....

My story

Hello, my name is Dakota Parker and I am 18 years old from Sam Black WV. I recently went to a IFB church, and knowing God had a calling on my life I wanted to go to college for ministry. I was encouraged by my pastor to attend Crown College. After experiencing a...

Recovering from the Wounds of a Pastor

I would like to offer some advice from a difficult experience which I had in my church, which God used to greatly transform me, and to mold me into the man I have become today. But I'd like to share my testimony of salvation first. I'm a Christian of 30 years. I'd...

I grew up IFB. Here’s what happened in my family when I left

I grew up in an IFB church. I would say that I had a pretty good childhood for the most part, if sheltered. We had been attending an IFB church since I was 5, but surprisingly my mom still allowed me (a young girl) to wear shorts, even though our church was against...

Recovering Apostate

Hey guys, My story is a little bit different than yours because I was not raised in the Independent Baptist circle. I was raised in an SBC church in Statesville, NC where my dad led the music and taught Sunday School, mom taught SS also and sang the most beautiful...
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