We exist to help and encourage those whose lives have been negatively affected by fundamentalist legalism in the church and to challenge those who promote tradition over Scripture.

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Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

I grew up IFB. Here’s what happened in my family when I left

I grew up in an IFB church. I would say that I had a pretty good childhood for the most part, if sheltered. We had been attending an IFB church since I was 5, but surprisingly my mom still allowed me (a young girl) to wear shorts, even though our church was against...

Recovering Apostate

Hey guys, My story is a little bit different than yours because I was not raised in the Independent Baptist circle. I was raised in an SBC church in Statesville, NC where my dad led the music and taught Sunday School, mom taught SS also and sang the most beautiful...

Peanut butter is a Sin

I am in my 4th year of church revitalization in the church I grew up in actually. God gave me a burden for the area I grew up in and gave me a unique platform through the church to gave me the foundation of my spiritual roots. However, I would become the 3 pastor in 5...

Born again Christian

Hi, I ran across this website online and it really was sad to see this. My dad was and is the cleanest/straightest Christian I know, raised me the way the Bible led him to do. He didn't get saved until he was 25. Before God dealt with him and showed him he was a...

Study of Apologetics challenged IFB woman to love God with ALL her mind

First, I’d like to thank the entire RFP family for your pursuit of exposing truth while highlighting God’s grace and love. I was born and raised in the IFB church and can relate to much of what Lois and Emily have already discussed pertaining to women specifically in...

My journey out of a IFB cult

Let me apologize up front for this being long but my journey was long. I will try to get it down to the "readers digest" version as best I can. First off, let me say, I cannot look back on my life in the IFB and completely regret it because I accepted Christ while in...

Independent Baptist turned agnostic?

I am from a family of 8. I was born in Michigan, I had a near death experience at 2 years old. I have always struggled with BPD, and always will. I was raised with strict religious fundamentalism as one of 6 children to my parents, we were all homeschooled and kept...

Recovering fundamentalist MK in the UK

Thank you for your podcast all the way from the UK. I ran so far from the IFB after I got kicked out of Tennessee Temple University,  I got so far into drugs, alcohol,  sexual sin. I was a hurting, young missionary's kid and I have only one memory of a Pastor that...

Hyles graduate gone rogue!

My story starts in the 5th grade.  That's when my parents enrolled me into an ACE Christian school.  Shorty after that they started to attend Beth Haven Baptist church in Greenville, MI.  This was the sponsor church of the school.   It was a rough start.  Just getting...

Recovering IFB Air Force Chaplain

First of all, I want to say thank you for your ministry. The past few years my family has been struggling within the legalistic confines of fundamentalism and questioning why we have been doing what we were doing. We made a choice to search the scriptures in our...
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