We exist to help and encourage those whose lives have been negatively affected by fundamentalist legalism in the church and to challenge those who promote tradition over Scripture.


January 26, 2025 – February 3, 2025

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Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

Turn people particularly young unsaved from Jesus

Ivwas in early 20's, didn't have any good churches in my small neighborhood, walking distance, no car, newer Christian but didn't belong to a church. The churches in my neighborhood didn't preach the gospel, also Catholic church I was against this false religion,...

Once you see it…you can never go back

The first time I listened to the RFP 3 years ago, I met it with skepticism.  I had been raised in the fundamentalist movement, but the milder side.  I knew the Tony Hutsons and John Hamblins were crazy, but I wasn't part of them.  I was a better version.  My dad was...

What Happens When You Leave

I grew up in a large family and one constant was attending church. I was raised in a Baptist Church and never questioned it.  As I grew up and the years passed, I found myself on active duty in the U.S. Navy. Military life is not a 9-5 lifestyle and I found myself not...

Such a blessing

I grew up in IFB churches from the time I was about 3, I'm 24 now. I've met many of the men you guys discuss on the podcast. Brother Craig Edwards preached a jubilee several years at a small church in Logan WV I used to attend and a larger one in Teays Valley, WV....

Blessed Not Bitter

I'm fine with churches being independent from a hierarchy, I'm staunchly a believer of the actual Fundamentals of the Faith, and I'm an active member of a Baptist church. That should make me an independent fundamental Baptist, but it doesn't.  Unfortunately, the...

Thank you for this!

Hi guys! I am the daughter of an IFB missionary/evangelist, sister of an IFB pastor, and granddaughter of an IFB pastor. (also have an uncle who is a pastor, and an aunt who married a pastor!) I have absolutely loved listening to your podcast. I've spent the past year...

Insider view as a child

I grew as a missionary child to a family in the Rock of Ages and attended Dogwood Valley Baptist Church. I have seen corruption and manipulation like you wouldn’t believe. The biggest problem with the IFB world in my perspective is that it is narcissistic abuse in all...

Did I grow up in a cult?

I am a woman who grew up in an ifb church. (And survived!) My parents refuse to acknowledge that it was a cult still to this day. Even despite several family members pleading with them to leave the "cult". My sister and I truly believe we grew up in a cult. Here goes:...

A Little About Me

My roots are in the IFB; my parents came from a relatively benign form of the movement, but even there the harmful effects were latent. My dad was considerably older than my mom, his second wife. My relationship with him was not cold or distant, but it was not the...

Why I Left The IFB

I was raised in an IFB church in central North Carolina from the age of 5-18. I made a profession at the age of 6 because that’s what everyone else was doing. As I grew up in this church and began to understand more, it became clear to me that what was being preached...
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JC Groves


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