I grew as a missionary child to a family in the Rock of Ages and attended Dogwood Valley Baptist Church. I have seen corruption and manipulation like you wouldn’t believe. The biggest problem with the IFB world in my perspective is that it is narcissistic abuse in all areas of your life. Especially as a woman. That life trained me to be a victim to a narcissist. It’s only by God’s glory that I’m not. He had other plans for me. I have personally been abused by and in the church in multiple ways. I’m just so happy God pulled me from that.

JC! I didn’t realize y’all had left fundamentalism until I found you on TikTok. I’m Derick Root’s wife. I don’t know if you remember me. We spent a little time at AoH helping a little in the youth group. We are in Memphis now and attend a strong evangelical church. But anyways, I wanted to reach out because I have so many stories derick and I could share with you about how I grew up as a missionary kid DEEP in the IFB world. I have heard and seen some truly horrifying things. One of my brothers has completely left the church, all churches and my other brother is still deep in it. It breaks my heart. Josh left completely because of the narcissistic abuse that runs rampant in all aspects of that world.