We exist to help and encourage those whose lives have been negatively affected by fundamentalist legalism in the church and to challenge those who promote tradition over Scripture.

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About RFP

Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

Fundamentalism to Freedom

I discovered the Recovering Fundamentalist Podcast after hearing Dr. Phil Kidd would be making an appearance. I was immensely shocked to hear the changes within Dr. Kidd that he has renounced the IFB Movement. As a result, I began to listen to the other episodes and...

Walking Away

I want to thank you guys for doing this podcast. I grew up in the IFB movement. I went to the Hyles Anderson Youth Conferences. My family went to the Sword of the Lord Conference one year for vacation. We went to the camp meetings. I went to Christian school. I only...

Two sides of fundamentalism

I had a unique opportunity growing up to see fundamentalism from two sides. The inside looking out, and the outside looking in. Growing up my mom was a Christian school teacher and my dad was in the Army. Our home church was Franklin Road Baptist Church in...

KJV Is the Way! Movies? No Way

For the longest time, I believed I would be sent to hell if I used a different Bible version than KJV. The pastor would always reference the last chapter in Revelation where it talked about adding and taking away words. He would say, “The Bible needs to be reread, not...

Jose’s Experience – a 30 year old, hispanic perspective of bible college and legalism

Im ok with Sharing, but if you could not mention names or churches mentioned, because I go to a great Independent baptist church now, but had to leave some ridiculous fundy legalism. Good people I am still friends with, but the legalism was strong. The church I go to...

Helping me to Minister Effectively

I’m so very thankful for your podcast! I’m a 28 year old, new pastor. I grew up in a pretty laid back IFB church, but there were definitely ties with some legalism at some of the youth conferences and camps we went to. The Bible college I attended originally in...

Living a lie

I grew up as a PK/MK in a southern/independent baptist church. my parents were very strict with my siblings and I (I'm the 2nd born of 4), we were not allowed to talk, sleep, or play during church. We had to sit in the front row, where my dad could see us while he was...

Relationship > Religion

First off I just wanted to say thank you for the podcast, thank you for what you do. Thank you for challenging people and keeping Jesus first. You guys and your stories and what all you have done in these past months has been pretty amazing. I came a long your podcast...

David Benoit story

Hey guys, Enjoyed today’s podcast with Northworst, just wanted to share this David Benoit story after y’all mentioned him on the podcast. He came to the church I was attending in the 90’s to preach a conference on the evils for Rock music and Hollywood in general. The...


My parents joined an IFB church in the late 80s when I was five years old.  I believe the church was started by a Bob Jones graduate about a decade before.  It held BJU in extremely high regard—i.e. the vast majority of staff at the church and its Christian school...
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JC Groves


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