We exist to help and encourage those whose lives have been negatively affected by fundamentalist legalism in the church and to challenge those who promote tradition over Scripture.

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About RFP

Join the conversation as three pastors who are recovering fundamentalists talk about life, ministry, and their journeys.

You formed the words I have struggled to…

I grew up in IFB. I went to the church, worked the bus ministry for 8 years from age 10-18, went to the Christian school at the church for 4 years, then did a year of Bible college because that’s what I was “supposed to do” as a young church kid. I even joined the...

Should I even write this…?

I cannot believe I’m even typing this right now. My heart is racing, and my stomach is turning.   I grew up in the IFB. The KJV was the only Bible, southern Gospel was the only music allowed, and knee length skirts and covered shoulders were the norm. Oh, yeah,...

I couldn’t be a Pastor because I didn’t have Children

I grew up my whole life in an IFB church. I felt the Lord’s call on my life to serve Him in a full-time capacity when I was 16 years old. I attended a Baptist Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Pastoral Theology. Upon graduation I got married and my wife...

My Journey

JC, Nathan, and Brian, I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it has been to have listened to your podcast. It is very professional, enlightening, uplifting, and entertaining. I pastor a small IFB church in South Louisiana. I grew up in a KJV only, hell hating,...

God loves me even if my pastor doesn’t

I would like to share my story and telling it from the point of view of a wan who grew up IFB. I grew up in New Jersey to two great parents neither of whom were religious in any fashion. About the time I was 5 or 6, our neighbor and long time family friend had passed...


I was raised in an IFB home, school and church. I went to an IFB Bible College. Served for a few years at an IFB church. I started to see inconsistency within the IFB from my church, my friends church and others on social media. I saw how they placed tradition over...

I feel I harmed my children with IFB

I am binge listening to your podcast.  Just discovered you guys last week. Thank you so much for doing this! Today I listened to the interview with Craig Edwards. I can relate to him so much when he says his biggest regret with his time in the IFB movement was what it...


I grew up, was saved in, and now pastor an IFB church. It wasn’t until I found this podcast that I began to realize that what I was preaching and teaching was not doctrine but manipulation. I did not preach the freedom of Christ, but I was preaching the “movements”...

Thankful for the journey out

The journey started as a church plant with two other friends. We all graduated from different IFB Bible colleges but still managed to get along :). Not going to lie, we held to IFB traditions when things first started. It is ironic that the traditional IFB Baptist...

List of (some) things that caused me to leave the IFB

-God’s Word hardly ever opened in sermons. If there was even preaching...and the “man of God” was never to be questioned. Everything he said was truth. Period. -Girls only Sunday school class consisted of how to be the perfect wife lessons. Literally. No scripture....
JC Groves

JC Groves


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Nathan Cravatt


Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards


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