Hello, my name is Dakota Parker and I am 18 years old from Sam Black WV. I recently went to a IFB church, and knowing God had a calling on my life I wanted to go to college for ministry. I was encouraged by my pastor to attend Crown College. After experiencing a polished up services, unloving, and unbiblical rules, I decided to drop out. When telling my pastor that I had studied out Bible translations, music, etc.. and that I didn’t agree with the unbiblical standards set by the college and church, I was referred to as a “prideful puffed up punk”, “liberal”, and “Calvinist”. I am in no way a Calvinist, but believe God has called me to go back to school in the fall to study the ministry at another college.. I was also wondering if you had any recommendations on where to study? I have since left my toxic IFB church and am looking for a loving Gospel centered church in my area until I start school again in the fall of 2022!