I ran across this website online and it really was sad to see this. My dad was and is the cleanest/straightest Christian I know, raised me the way the Bible led him to do. He didn’t get saved until he was 25. Before God dealt with him and showed him he was a sinner on his way to hell, he was a major cusser, drinker and smoker. I have never known “that man”. I have never once heard him even say gosh or golly, never once saw him even think about drinking or smoking. He did a 180 when he got saved. Yes it was hard living as straight as he had us to live, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. When God dealt with my heart at the age of 9, I accepted Christ as my Savior. Once I became older and started “testing the waters”, the Holy Spirit would convict me of what I was doing, wearing or saying. Getting back to my dad. I would MUCH rather have a straight laced Christian dad than the one I would have had, if he hadn’t gotten saved. If a person can do the things of the world, wear the things of the world etc…and there is no Holy Spirit convicting them on the inside, then maybe they need to check up on if they are really saved. I do not say thus in an ugly way but from the heart.