RFP Extra – RFP & JRadio

Listen as Brian, Nate & JC talk about our new partnership with JRadio. We interview JRadio's own Brett Ritchey. Also, the guys start scratching the surface of an upcoming episode on music and legalism.

Power of a Story – JC Groves

Listen as host JC Groves shares his personal story of freedom from fundamentalist legalism. Share your story by visiting RecoveringFundamentalist.org or by calling 423-954-7373.

RFP Extra – More Stories and Q&A

What you’ll hear on this weeks RFPExtra 

- Brian Beat boxing 
- JC sleeping through a Ravi Z sermon
- Nathan “like it, lump it, stump it or jump it” 
- Reading some stories that have been sent in 
- Answering a few questions you have sent us.

The Response to RFP

Listen as Brian and JC talk about the first episodes and the response to RFP so far. Call in and share your story: 706-876-2737 or visit the Share Your Story section of our website. Click "Share Your Story" in the menu above.