First of all, I want to say thank you for your ministry. The past few years my family has been struggling within the legalistic confines of fundamentalism and questioning why we have been doing what we were doing. We made a choice to search the scriptures in our family devotions without referencing outside sources other than a concordance or Bible dictionary to better understand grammatical context. We have since stepped away from fundamentalism as a movement.  I have expressed to my wife the frustration and disappointment I have now that I see the misinterpretation of scripture.  I have felt betrayed by those who have claimed they are Men of God yet preach on preferences and not scripture. My wife has expressed to me how upset she is that for our 20 years of marriage she has been dressing to please a pastor or church and not her husband. We both have realized that wine is a blessing from God that, like many other things, can be corrupted into drunkenness.  Just like food can be corrupted into gluttony. Or intimacy can be corrupted into extramarital sex. As a military chaplain I have had the amazing opportunity to meet people and counsel people from all walks of life. I love God and His love for others. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet people where they are and bring them the whole truth of Scripture. Not matters of preference but the unfiltered, uncorrupted Word of God. No longer will my family live to please others. We will love God and serve Him and preach His truths not what we want to be true. Your podcast has helped us see truth and we really do feel like we are set free by His Word. Thank you.

Chaplain, United States Air Force