I grew up in a Christian home and raised by awesome parents and went to church every Sunday. Started going to church camp during middle school there you saw preaching and the alter calling. Girls and boys and separate swim times and dress codes, but more saw the change when it came to sports at camp. Pastors who preach a Sunday service were using language and attitudes that were not of pastoral standards while on the field or cheering on their church. I met my wife who was raised in the IFB where dresses and skirts were mandatory. My wife started wearing pants and does still today and gets questioned and weird looks by people from the IFB. I came from a Christian background, but not so much the IFB and because she was dating me others told her not to marry me because I was different and wore holey jeans and skull shirts but did not dress like that all the time. I felt judged and unaccepted at times. We got married in 2013 and were looking for churches and seen a lot. We went to a church that taught Joseph was on his IPad at  Starbucks we didn’t go back. We finally found one with a great pastor but retired a couple of years after we joined. The pastor that took over did things differently. We had friends that wanted to get baptised he stated to them they needed to become members and Baptist to do that in his church. My wife and I asked him about it and then we with no names mentioned became the service for a few Sundays including that day. I was ready to leave after being blown off a few times. I had a friend that went there and stated if we left we could no longer be friends as he was busy and didnt have time for friends outside of the church if we did not attend. We made the choice to leave and love our church we attend and are highly involved, but my wife was very hesitant at first because it’s the rock style music and non king James which we both grew up on.