“I hate these false accusations that are made against people who just don’t walk in step.”
This was a quote I heard on one of the podcasts the other day. The more I listened to some of the episodes, and the more I read the comments…I realized that this is largely just a place for people to come together and collectively drag IFB churches through the mud…in the same exact manner they accuse IFB churches of doing toward them.

The problem I see here is so many folks are jumping on this “RFP” bandwagon because they had a bad experience in a Baptist church or Christian college once upon a time. RFP then encourages their listeners to remain bitter and angry by taking a broad brush and painting it across every IFB church and Christian college that ever existed.

Without any insinuation, I showed this website to a (“liberal”) friend and asked his opinion after listening. His first reply was, “These guys just sit here and do the exact same thing that they accuse IFB churches of doing…they just bash people.” Go figure…

I spent my entire life in a Baptist church. One church I grew up in was pretty legalistic. I didn’t know any better until growing older.  The IFB church I’ve been in for the past 20+ years has been incredible, and we have seen God work in amazing ways; and is centered around the truths of Gospel first and foremost…not the tradition of men.  In these years of teaching various classes, I put a GREAT deal of effort into reminding folks that the legalistic, pharisaical mindset is NOT what following Jesus is about.

In my 40+ years in church…One thing that I have found common with many folks who have left church is the fact that many of them can never let go of the bitterness and anger that they’ve accumulated. Listening to these podcasts and reading the comments, I cannot help but feel the same way about the hosts and their listeners…which is very sad. Like any church, we have lost members over the years for various reasons. Sadly, many no longer go to ANY church. They openly live their lives, looking forward to the upcoming weekend of inebriation and sexual immorality…while publicly thanking your podcast for bringing them to the light against “legalism”.  In case you missed the point, that’s not anything to be proud of.

In case you made it this far…Just because you see an IFB church, it doesn’t automatically make them legalistic as RFP and its undertones would like you to believe.

Again, remember…it goes both ways.  “I hate these false accusations that are made against people who just don’t walk in step.”


A Jesus-followin’, Non-Legalistic, IFB Church Member