I’ve been listening to the recovering fundamentalist podcast for quite some time now. I was told about the podcast by a friend who told me he had left a cult in California. Little did I know that I had left the exact same cult when I was 16 all the way across the nation in central Illinois.

When I was listening, I came across the episode where we first heard from Mike Peters. I WENT TO THE CHURCH HE CAME FROM!! It absolutely blew my mind! I remember when he left the church, I remember seeing him in services, to never seeing him again. Growing up I could always feel something was off with my church and I’ll just say the name of it.

Park Meadows Baptist Church in Lincoln Illinois. S.M Davis was my pastor from the time I was 2 all the way till I was 9. I’ve moved 29 times in my lifetime. I can offer more clarification on my background and the “fundy” reasons we moved so many times. Sooooo muuuch has been brought to light about my exposure to fundamentalism and that “off feeling” I felt all those years is now being explained to me at 21 years of age.

I have a desire to spread this message to all those who didn’t know they were in a “fundy” church and hopefully I can fully recover from it. I honestly don’t know what questions to ask haha. I need answers so if y’all have a list of questions that I can give answers to based on what I was taught that would be amazing!