I was raised in a holiness Pentecostal serpent handling church from the time I was a small girl and finally left when I was 34. While there are some differences between the IFB and the church I was raised in, the “standards” where pretty much the same. I began praying to God and searching the scriptures regarding things I had been taught and when I realized that what I had been taught could not be found in scripture I began making changes in my life to reflect what I had found in scripture(I began allowing my daughter to wear pants while I still conformed to the standards for myself). Whenever I allowed my daughter to wear pants people started talking about me, shunned me, told people I was a silly woman laden with sin, devil possessed, was gonna end up crazy and made sure that other church members would not have anything to do with me. I have been out of that church for over a year and people are still talking about me and preachers are preaching sermons stating I have been turned to fables. I praise God for delivering me out of that mess and I praise God for men and woman that are standing for the truth of Gods word and for making podcasts and YouTube videos to let the rest of use recovering fundamentalists know that we are not alone in what we are going through.