I love your podcast…it has helped me so much in my recovery from fear over the years in growing up in the deep IFB. I was at PCC in 2004-2005. During my year there I received demerits for having flannel pajama pants on in my dorm before 10pm. 🤣 Also, remember the scare tactics in chapel in the spring semester…preachers would literally say that if you didn’t come back to PCC in the fall semester you may die in a car accident or from a disease. This damaged me for so long…along with the church I grew up in and the emotionalism. I made 7 professions of faith while growing up before I truly got saved at age 27! I’ve probably been baptized more than most people lol…I’m so thankful that God has opened my eyes to His true word and character! Thank you guys for doing what you do!