I have so many stories of my upbringing I could share but the past two episodes surrounding the KJV have hit the hardest.

How many times did I sit and heard preached “if you can’t understand the Bible, you must not be saved” and how much turmoil and angst did I live through in the middle of the night when I sat thinking “I must not be saved because I have no idea what I’ve read”. When I finally read a different translation that I could understand, I can’t even tell you the relief I felt because I finally could understand.

This is DANGEROUS teaching! And how many years did I waste NOT reading the Word of God because I couldn’t handle the questioning of my own salvation that I could have instead spent growing and learning.

This is just one of so many tiny, little rabbit trails that these preachers harp on that are dangerous rhetoric that mess up real lives…that encourage people to just give up because it is impossible. How is this helpful? How is this rooted in the Gospel? It absolutely isn’t.