Hey RFP Hosts.

I am, as the title suggests, a recovering Wesleyan Methodist Fundamentalist. I grew up in something known as the Conservative Holiness Movement (CHM) as we call it. We had many rules as kids that I have heard echoed in your stories on your podcast. I was not allowed to wear shorts or short sleeves, my sisters were not allowed to cut their hair or wear pants, and none of us were allowed to wear any type of jewelry. I left home to attend Bible college at Penn View Bible Institute in Penns Creek. PA. For three years there I studied ministerial studies. I transferred from there to Hobe Sound Bible College in Hobe Sound, FL. where I graduated with a general degree and finally got out of the fundamentalist way of thinking completely. I am currently attending Liberty University in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program. I and my wife have recently been baptized in a Southern Baptist Church. My journey of leaving my background, accepting my security in Christ, and finding a theological home in my conservative but not fundamental SBC Church 🙂 is truly a testament to God’s grace and his plan for my life. I would like to suggest that you look into the CHM and their destructive, extra-biblical teaching. there may be others like me who could benefit from hearing about that on your podcast.  You may find the colleges I listed interesting sources you may also look into the Interchurch Holiness Convention for a bigger picture of the CHM. Thank you for sharing your stories, and helping others escape the fear and doubt that seems rampant in fundamentalist churches of all stripes. I pray God will help many more escape the world of fundamentalism and come to know the truth of the Gospel and their liberty in Christ.