I am a new Christian (saved on August 8, 2015) and I was saved and answered the call to ministry in Independent Baptist Churches. Luckily for me, I have never seen the “extremes” of legalism, but have only heard stories. I did not grow up in Church, but the times that I did go were to a Southern Baptist Church. It was never wrong for my wife to wear pants growing up or anything like that. I remember before I got saved that my wife wanted to sing in the choir at the local independent Baptist church, but it was not discussed with her what to wear. She showed up in pants and the music director looked her up and down and said “I’m sorry, but you can’t sing in the choir today.” My wife is still scarred from that. We were both 20 at the time and because I am military it was easy for me to follow those legalistic standards and get on board with them. I am just thankful that God is leading us away from that and the biggest false doctrine of KJV onlyism. This podcast helps to remind me that even though I am only 26 and almost all of my connections are from this background, that I am not alone in this walk of trying to seek what God wants for my life as I prepare for ministry.