I have recently left an IFB church due to some hurtful things the preachers wife said to me. I have been talking to a counselor concerning a choking experience I had in 2019 and since then have had issue with not wanting to eat. What she said made me realize she doesn’t understand or willing to try to understand. After much prayer I felt like the Lord wants me to go to church somewhere else. I am now going to¬† church with my husband to a baptist church but not IFB.

I do have a question: You have commented on the podcast that you still believe the principles but not the legalism{ I think is how you worded it} would you explain what it is that you still agree with? After listening to several of the podcasts I realize how the IFB church effects you emotionally and spiritually. Many of the points you make against the IFB teachings I agree with and have but only followed because I am one of those who follow rules just to stay out of trouble or the topic of the next sermon.