My wife and I took a group of teenagers to Bible camp each summer for years.  We brought a group of wonderful kids with a mix of church and unchurched friends to this camp after they had closed and re-opened with different leadership.  We were careful to ensure that the families and teens knew the standards of what to bring and were not concerned since they seemed no different than previous years.

While we were there, my wife and I were approached by the head female counsellor.  She expressed concern over our rebellious girls who were not learning their Bible verses and wearing shorts and skirts above the knee (almost imperceptibly).  We patiently explained that many of the kids we brought had not been to a Christian camp and several of our kids were not church kids.  We explained how fantastic these girls were and that if she was able to invest in a relationship with them, that she would see them how we do.  She was non committal, then shared that she was also concerned that two of our girls were lesbian because they hugged each and cuddled on the swing together (along with other girls too).  We were rather incredulous, our position was that, even if they were lesbian then what better place to be than a camp where they can hear truth in love?

We thought that our conversation would at best set a detente and let them finish the week, but the following day, the staff leader and camp evangelist came to talk to us.  There was concern that we were encouraging our girls to be rebellious and not taking the concern of the head girls counsellor seriously.  We reiterated that our girls were fantastic and had soft hearts who legitimately loved God but didn’t have a church background.  He was patient but very firm that the head counsellor was a godly girl and was correct.

That week one of our Christian family girls went to the altar weeping, and when she went to the back with a counsellor, I followed to be available.  It turns out that she was broken about being fake and she surrendered to God to be saved and give Him everything.  I had the wonderful privilege of praying with her while she told God her heart and asked for salvation.

The next morning she found my wife to tell her, and in the middle of the two of them crying and talking, they were interrupted by a female counsellor who just wanted the girl pouring out her heart to my wife to shimmy down her shorts an inch to cover her knee.

It is worth noting that our boys caused no problems and were loved and received camp awards for the week.

We do not bear any ill will toward the camp or the christians working there.  We have not returned and spent plenty of time making sure those girls knew we loved them and that God’s plans for them exceeded the clothes they wore.