Grace’s Path


I praise the Lord that I got saved

He truly is the One, True Way

His blood has washed away my sins 

I am forgiven, forever His 

But along Grace’s Path I was lead astray 

I don’t know how,or why, or what to say 

Instead of grace, it was performance and works

Salvation was free but sanctification… a curse

They say, “If you truly love God you must comply 

This is how you must live your life:

God’s Word has liberty; but we know best 

Do not think for yourself, ask questions, or test.”

So I worked really hard to earn His favor 

I could never show my doubts, or waiver 

Because “true followers” would never question

They obeyed these “rules” without exception 

I was always weary, tired, and sad

But I could never voice this, that would be bad.  

I had The Comforter but I felt alone

Crushed by their judgements, no grace shown 

Peace, rest, mercy, and grace,

I read of them but I could not relate

These were for God’s “favored” children

Not for those who were “backslidden”

Then I looked at The Word, what It truly said 

The scales fell off, the wool was shed

I read of the true God, and what He really desires 

A relationship with Him, not me acting “higher”

“Follow Me”, I read in red letters

Then, I realized I was living by another’s measure

Birth determines my identity, not my works

Finally! Sanctification didn’t  feel like a curse

I no longer have to be “doing” because everything is “done”

Paid in full and covered by Jesus’ precious  blood

Now grace’s path, I am finally back on

Saved, loved, and living strong