My question is why do you take extremist to prove your point. You can take people from every denomination and find fault to say they are all bad. A lot of the things you harp on is things preachers even in the SBC preached years ago. If I believed what you are saying then God must be a legalist. Read Eph chap 5 and 6 I know there are problems in the FBC but what about SBC professors denying the authenticity of the scripture I attended SWSB seminary in the 80s they were very questionable then I can imagine what it is now. Ordained women preached in the chapel services. What about  tongue movement and hyper movements in SBC what about Ron Phillips in Hixon Tn I am not against you guys but you need to wake up and realize that as long as men are doing ministry their will be problems. My problem with your philosophy is I believe yours is a movement that you can go to the beach and strip down. Watch whatever you want live identical to the world and feel good about it. I know what legalism is but I also know there is something also wrong with your picture One day this will all be settled in heaven but always remember God does not condone sin no matter how many followers you may have. Joel Osteen has a lot of followers You probably want deal with this letter I believe the answer is the right balance you can be in a ditch on either side of the road. What is wrong with believing the fundamentals of the scripture You don’t have a problem with believing fundamentals in other areas of life all I’m saying is quit taking the worst to try to prove your point There are good Godly Jesus loving people in all denominations I don’t condemn you for your progressive views (another word for liberals) So don’t condemn FBC if they are loving God and trying to reach people for Christ. I am sorry you had a bad experience with someone or some Church but get over it ask God to help you and go on and Serve the Lord.