My name is Mark Frederick,  I was in the ministry for about 10 years. I surrendered to my call in 2009 at a meeting. From the beginning I should of know I was in for a mess. I wanted to serve God so bad that I would do anything,  go anywhere, and be abused by preachers. I lost almost everything, went to jail, been hurt so bad that I no longer serve God and have gotten to the point I do not attend Church anywhere. I know I am called of God and as I right this I am praying on the River asking God to help me and want to return to the pulpit.

Coming from the South either your Baptist or something else. I never knew about IFB churches. I started attended a Church in the Quad Cities and soon learned how I was never going to be good enough no matter how hard I tried. I will give one example I was an assistant pastor and the Pastor told me I was not providing enough for my family and need to take the next job offered, I did it ended up being a scam and before I knew it I had a bigger issue that would end with me going to jail and the Pastor telling my wife to leave me and that I was no good.  But the money given was good enough. This is just part of the story. I am reaching out because of the podcast from Dr. Kidd and Pastor Paul.