I just recently discovered your podcast and have been following you on Twitter. I’ve struggled with guilt my entire life for questioning many of the behaviors/beliefs you discuss. I was raised IFB and attended a Christian school from 7-10 grade – an offshoot from Bob Jones U. It wasn’t until I began pursuing my PhD that I truly began to seek to understand why I was feeling this guilt. I had always assumed I was being “convicted” of my sin of questioning the authority of certain individuals, including my parents. As I developed as a scientist, I used those same skills to begin to understand what it means to be a “Christian”. This was when I finally started to know and understand about my own faith. As my relationship with God grew stronger I felt less guilt, which has led to a place of peace and much less anger and bitterness. It is a process and one that I am still going through. It is great comfort to know there are others who have (or are) traveling this same path. Thank you for all you do!