For the longest time, I believed I would be sent to hell if I used a different Bible version than KJV.
The pastor would always reference the last chapter in Revelation where it talked about adding and taking away words. He would say, “The Bible needs to be reread, not rewritten.” While I understood the point he was trying to make, it did not come across that way.  He preached so strongly on the KJV that there was a period of time in my walk with Christ that I felt guilty if I used another translation.

Not only was there the KJV-only idea pounded into my head, but their twist on “appearance of evil” was a bit too much. We were strongly discouraged from going to movie theaters. If someone saw us walking into the theater, that person would automatically assume we were going to see an R-rated movie. A former pastor of that church (who broke free of IFB and started a church) would actually drive a few cities over to watch a movie.

It became so legalistic to the point I felt like I had a relationship with the rules and not the Savior I was trying to please by following the rules.

Thank you guys for exposing the legalism that has gotten ahold of the IFB. Y’all are awesome!