Hello! I wanted to let you know truly what a blessing your podcast has become to me!! I grew up in the church of Dr Edward McAbee. I Also grew up attending Faith Baptist Camp and Greer campmeeting. I attended Liberty of course I felt that Liberty was mainstream b/c my first exposure to contemporary music was a Steven Curtis Chapman concert at LU! I felt like I was rebelling! 😂Since listening to the podcast so many things have been opened up to me and now make since as to why things were said or done a specific way . I do not regret growing up the way my parents raised me b/c it was all they knew. As a parent myself now I would never allow my children to be exposed to things I heard and saw growing up or be in an IFB church. I was far from God for many years but did go back to church and made things right. I just walked through the valley of cancer and God has healed me!!! I definitely am out of the movement and love my southern Baptist church. My mom was the secretary for Dr McAbee up until the day he walked out of the church and she still attends the church despite all that has happened. My dad passed a year ago and he was the janitor of the church for over 30 years my parents served faithfully but I feel that that a lot of it was out of obligation to the pastor. I have 4 siblings and all of us have left the fundamental movement and would never return to that type of church. There are a lot of hurts for my siblings and mom from that movement and things happened to my siblings that should have never been allowed to happen. There were several in our church who were “men of God” that did things to my siblings and others that were covered up and never exposed. Many years later my mom confided in Dr McAbee of the abuse that happened and she was told that it was a lie and made up. I hurt for her but I still feel she felt an obligation to the pastor. I still struggle with the fact that my siblings were abused and it came out many years later but was dismissed as a lie.   I am grateful that God have y’all a burden to start this podcast and hope that it helps others the way it has me. I hope your listeners know there are churches out there that are preaching the truth and not putting the pastor on a pedestal. There is recovery from past hurts. There is a way to live victorious in Christ w/o the traditions, idols, legalism , abuse and hurts. Thank you and please keep the podcast going.