1. Hey guys,

Enjoyed today’s podcast with Northworst, just wanted to share this David Benoit story after y’all mentioned him on the podcast. He came to the church I was attending in the 90’s to preach a conference on the evils for Rock music and Hollywood in general. The meeting was right around Valentine’s Day  , and my young daughter had bought me a tie that had the Tin man and hearts all over it. We were all (and still are) Wizard of Oz fans. Well I shook David’s  hand before the meeting started and I noticed him eying my tie. Well when he got up to preach he stated the Lord had led him to change his message and he was going to preach on the evils of kids fantasy movies and so called good witches. Well it didn’t take long for him to center in on the worst movie of all times the dreaded Wizard of Oz!!!! He railed on and hammered on evils Glenda, Dorothy , the Lion the tin man the Scarecrow and every other character you could think of. Thankfully he didn’t say anything bad about Toto. Well me being me as soon as he started in on the Wizard I turned into a Tony Hudson in the pew. I AMENED every point !!! Shouted for him to “hit that again preacher”a few time.  You would have thought I was on the front pew of Pastors’ school or at the last night of a Greer Camp Meeting. I kept waiting on him to mention the tie but he never did.

Well That weekend for family night we watched the Oz Again.

Just another funny (but  actually sad) story from the life of an x Pastor’s School fundamentalist