Hey Guys, I don’t know if I have a story. Other than being black balled for not fitting the mold of the college I went to (commonwealth Baptist College), I don’t really feel hurt. I am frustrated though. Frustrated mostly at the sweeping under the rug. I am young, but have been around some interesting events in the IFB world in the past 20 years. My last pastor’s school was when Jack School told the crowd to “Wipe the GD look” off their faces(he said the actual words). I was at commonwealth the day that someone from First Baptist of Hammond said the King James Bible had some errors in it in the beginning(starting quite a feud between Schaap and Fugate). I roomed next to Jeff Owen’s son the year he came to commonwealth and raped a high school girl( this was after he was kicked out of Hyles Anderson for operating a theft ring of church members homes). I have first hand stories of cover up, including some of the biggest names in Fundamentalism lying about a famous evangelist’s son that admitted to molesting his own daughter, so that he could pastor again. I also have a completely unbelievable story about the 10 days or so before Jack Schaap was fired.  He was scheduled to preach a youth rally at my church, when that day came something very strange happened that only a handful of people know outside of FBC Hammond. It will not shock you but it is very interesting. I have strong feelings about fundamentalism. It is all I have ever known and I’m terrified to leave. The ministry is lonely enough. I do not want to lose the few friends I have. This might be very forward, please forgive me, but I have these stories and more, including the time I was used as a shocking sermon illustration for how condoms work😐. I don’t wish my name out there yet, but if you would like to discuss more, please respond or text or call at 859-552-6645.


Btw, I think you three are doing a phenomenal job at RFP.

I would love to hear from you.