I just started listening to this podcast today. These stories and beliefs are so relatable to my childhood.

One thing I struggle with still is explaining why adoption is in fact biblical. I have some in-laws who strongly disagree and therefore treat my husband and I differently. They have quoted the verse – Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…- and believe we were not biblical in our journey of adoption. It is their belief that God gave those bio parents children as a blessing and those children should always remain with bio parents… It also has been said that we are not being obedient because we didn’t have biological children first and only biological. Despite our efforts we struggled with infertility for several years. We lost our first biological born at 20 weeks old. Our second biological is now almost 2 years old. But it’s hurtful to hear rejoicing for him and not our two oldest children. They’re all miracles and blessings from God, but I struggle to get that point across to some….