I am binge listening to your podcast.  Just discovered you guys last week. Thank you so much for doing this!

Today I listened to the interview with Craig Edwards. I can relate to him so much when he says his biggest regret with his time in the IFB movement was what it did to his kids.  My youngest son has really struggled in his faith because of the spiritual abuse and confusion we experienced at our last church.  He is now 22 and we have had conversations about this many times.  Me trying to explain the difference between what the BIBLE says versus what the CHURCH says. I know that God will continue to work in his heart.

I am still attending a Baptist church (a different one), I still believe in the fundamentals of the gospel, I still love the Lord and love people. I still have many good friends in our old church and they are good people.  But as Craig Edwards always says “once you see it, you can’t unsee it”. Thankful for the Holy Spirit who never leaves us and continually helps us to learn and grow closer to the Lord.

Keep on guys – your podcast is much needed and much appreciated!!