I just want to say up front…I am not and have no intention whatsoever to take my ministry into the “contemporary” realms…..I am a KJB believer only….I still adhere to probably 90% of the Baptist doctrine. Having said that though, I Pastor a Community Church…I have grown very weary over the so called baptist movement through thru the years. I did not really know that I might be part of movement that I did not want to be part of. I really didn’t have the choice in my experiences once I got a divorce. My wife left me, I never wanted to be divorced. (after almost 17 years my ex-wife and I are still pretty good friends) During the time of the separation, I contacted several “pastor” friends of mine, which I had preached many times, to pray for me and my family. After 17 years now, I still have not heard back from a single one. I have never re-married or even date but I am an outcast because my wife left me. I learned how to go it alone and how to stand on my own two feet. I quit on God and everything I new for about 2 years. Went back to my ways before I was saved. I was bitter at God and wanted nothing else to do with him because he couldn’t hold my family together. I was now completely on my own. God dealt with my heart..I got back into church…went to New Grace (Bro. Craig Edwards Pastored) for several years. I got right with God…moved form there to another church and from there God allowed me to Pastor. I never dreamed that I would ever Pastor but God had different plans. I realized during my time out of church and the initial time thereafter getting back into church that all those old baptist friends had left me. My life didn’t dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T”s” anymore. I made the “mistake” of actually opening my bible and began to question all that I had been taught and realized alot of it was not even mentioned in the bible….so now I am back in church…and I don’t fit in….so God just gave me a church to Pastor, I am no longer in the thought process and rules of the IFB….we just enjoy the old time singing of hymns….some mountain Bluegrass style gospel…and preaching based out of the KJB without to many personal preacher beliefs and “convictions”….Never did I dream I would a silent part of a movement that I didn’t want to be in. If you find this story relevant and you want to use it is that fine with me…if you even mention my name that is fine also….use it the way God sees fit