Hey guys, I just finished the episode with Phil Kidd part 1.  I thought it was really good and cannot wait for part 2.  All the poking fun was good to see, just because we disagree doesn’t mean we cannot get along.

I think it would be really cool for some of the guest speakers on there to post on the FB page  books they recommend, preachers, and  other podcasts for those of us still “stuck” (for the time being) in the IFB world so we can start educating ourselves.

I have not considered myself IFB for a few years now.  My husband is slowly on his journey.  We left the church he grew up in and go to another IFB church in the area.  I am not a 100% happy here but it is the most gospel centered IFB church I have been to.  Is it perfect?….   No, but it is not a cult trying to control our lives.  (Truthfully no where will be perfect because we are all human.).

I am looking forward to the KJVO podcast.  I think I will learn a lot.  I would also love a episode on Bible verses the IFB take out of context.  (“I can do all things thru christ” “where 2 or 3 are gathered” “will not glory in a mans legs” “women not taking mans attire” “obey them that have the rule over you” (this one especially look up “obey” in the Greek it means “to be persuaded” not blind loyalty) “man of God, God’s anointed” being an Old Testament thing .

Lois, I really enjoyed your podcast, thank you so much for coming on!  The guys always do a great job, but its hard  for them to understand how it was being a women or a girl growing up in that movement.  The shame, and second rateness I felt growing up is hard for my husband to understand.  What are any books, podcast, church sermons online you recommend for women trying to get out of the movement and educating ourselves?

Keep it up!, and God bless, Kay