I was born in 1986. Today I’m 33 years old. My grandfather was an IFB preacher for over 49 years. Let me say he was the most humble IFB preacher I ever knew and everyone recognized that. I can’t say a negative word about him. He truly only wanted to do Gods work and bring people to Christ.

His fellow preaches in the era of the IFB were not so humble. I watched them preach salvation Sunday morning and abuse their wives by mid afternoon. I sat under preachers that preached against every sin but the sin they were committing in the dark. I was told you couldn’t even be saved unless the preacher preached out of the old KJV.

We never were allowed to wear shorts growing up, never allowed to go to the theater and see a movie. I grew up under Dr. Phil Kidd’s preaching. I’ll defend the man he is regardless of our differences. I got saved Jan. 16, 2001 under his preaching. I’m a friend of the family. Paul Kidd’s interview actually prompted me to tell my story.

My siblings and I sang in the the church. My mom was the piano player. At first singing was a joy. I soon found out it was more about how it made our family look. I lost interest and wanted to stop. To my mother that was like saying I don’t believe in God.

We were never allowed to miss church. My mom said if we weren’t puking and running a 104 temp we would be there. As I grew older I resented this.

I was told since I kissed a girl before I was married I was no longer pure and didn’t deserve a pure wife.

I once got caught, as a 15 year old, texting some inappropriate things to a girlfriend.

I was called into the pastors office and crucified for an hour. Then the Sunday after he got up and preached against teens having cell phones. He mentions everything we had done without mentioning our names.

I need scripture for everything in my life. When I started questioning things, the people of my church wrote me off as a liberal.

We now have church at home.

My kids attend a small church with my parents only because I try to keep an open relationship with them.

The IFB killed God in my eyes. I’d love to tell

My story.