I’m a 72 year old recover(ed) fundamentalist. I grew up in and IFB church but wasn’t converted until I was 28. I had been in the rock music business (radio, concerts, etc.) and after I was saved went into legalistic fundamentalism 100%. For 30+ years as a pastor and CDS teacher and administrator I chose to overlook the negative things I saw until I finally had had enough. (I have lots of stories!!) I was encouraged by a friend to attend a SBC church that was different, in a good way, than what I was used to. My oldest son, who had left the IFB before we did, is a movie fan and invited me to watch “The Village” with him. When the film ended, he looked at me and said, “We lived there, didn’t we?’ It was then that I realized that my family had been in bondage but we had been graciously delivered.