This podcast has been so encouraging. I will definitely be sharing it with my friends and family. My journey out of IFB was very gradual. It was a 10 year process that started when I was a teenager. My family was shunned by our IFB church because they took me out of their Christian school. The youth group was notorious for producing bad fruit. We left for a different IFB church that was Ruckmanite across town. I have been in the major camps of the IFB: Hyles, Crown (Hyles-lite), Ruckman, a majorly strict brand that required guys to wear pants  and girls to wear nightgowns to bed, and PCC. During my time in IFB, I never heard a message on God’s love  I believe God gave be a huge dose of legalism to show me just how much freedom and grace is found in Christ. I never fit in with the IFB preacherboys. I was always asking questions that were considered controversial but I wanted to be faithful to the Word. I ended up tranferring from PCC to Liberty. I found a church that is a solid, Biblical church that has taught me that God loves me and my motivations for ministry should be from love. I am marrying a exfundy this August. It was not without its share of hardships. When my Grandma found out I was no longer IFB, she wept like I had rejected Christ and cursed His name. Im sharing my story to let people know that they are not alone and that God will take care of you when you leave the IFB. God loves you regardless of your struggles in the IFB or your life in general. I’m always open to sharing more of my story to help others. Thank you RFP for the work that you do! Much love!