So my story is not too extreme, but here goes. I grew up in a pastor’s home. My dad would’ve considered himself an IFB guy, and he held onto a few traditional things but was never extreme. Overall, he did things differently. So I grew up listening to Petra and Carman. You know, Satanic music. I was saved at an early age because my parents instilled into me the truth of the Gospel message.

The Lord began dealing with my heart about ministry when I was 16. I found myself at Pensacola Christian College where I met my awesome wife. I never agreed with the rules there, but I was good at hiding my rebellion. After college, I was a youth pastor at a very small church for a few years before God called my family into fulltime missions. On deputation, we began to see the real IFB world. Every church had different rules. One pastor wouldn’t let me preach because I was wearing a blue shirt. One church canceled on me because another missionary with our mission board had a Rochester song on their website. Again, we didn’t agree with all the crap, but we played the good missionary family. We figured out to hide who we really were without the pastor finding out. Our social media pages were void of us wearing shorts, going to movies, and honestly just being normal people.

This never really bothered me until I was making cold calls on deputation one day that I realized I was just playing a game and flat out lying. A pastor asked us our stance on the KJV, and so I told him what I told everybody. We believe that KJV is the only Bible for the English speaking world. I was fully expecting the pastor to be happy with the answer, but he said that’s not how they view it. They use the KJV, but don’t believe all other versions were bad. That’s really how I felt, but always gave my IFB answer. Then I started back-tracking with the pastor.

Since then, the Lord has shown me my Pharisee heart on many issues, and I am recovering. I am now pastoring an awesome church with awesome people, and my desire is to simply preach the Word. Not my opinion, not my preference. We have seen God use His Word and transform lives. I don’t have time for legalism.

Thank you guys for what you’re doing. Your podcasts are conversations that I’ve had with my wife and some of my friends. We need more truth! Keep it up!