I can’t believe your podcast.  I was so blessed as a recovering IFB your story and the interview with your Dad blew me away.  We are so similar as a matter of fact our Fathers were pastoring in the same areas.  My father, Joe Bill Simmons pastored in Polit Mtn, Greensboro, and Pelman NC.   He got out of the ministry and until his death was a member at Don Collins church in Polit Mtn ( Bro Don).  He was a great friend to my father.  Dad raised us in the IFB church but did not raise us that way at home.  I remember Dad never said to me don’t do this and that it was always, when you prayed and ask Christ into your heart the Holy Spirit moved in and will guide you.  It was brilliant and as a result, I was able to grow in my faith.  I remember coming home from college (I went to as the IFB called it Lerbiral University, not Liberty University) and telling him I really can’t see where having a glass of wine or a beer is a sin.  He looked and me and said you are probably right but in the IFB it’s a sin.  Boy, I miss our talks.   This has been awesome taking a trip down memory lane.
 You have a new fan.  I can’t wait for the next podcast.
PS.  I’m addicted to the IFB Tweeter


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