Eric Skwarczynski Interview

Listen as JC, Nate & Brian interview Eric Skwarczynski of the Preacher Boys Podcast. Eric talks about the work he's doing with his podcast and an upcoming documentary projected to release in early 2021.

Legalism Exposed

The hosts have all shared their stories. Now, listen as the guys dive into the first content episode called Legalism Exposed. Let us know your thoughts or share your story. Visit or call 423-954-7373.

Power of a Story – JC Groves

Listen as host JC Groves shares his personal story of freedom from fundamentalist legalism. Share your story by visiting or by calling 423-954-7373.

The Response to RFP

Listen as Brian and JC talk about the first episodes and the response to RFP so far. Call in and share your story: 706-876-2737 or visit the Share Your Story section of our website. Click "Share Your Story" in the menu above.

Power of a Story

Join hosts JC, Nathan & Brian as they talk about the power of a story. You’ll hear a story from a missionary in Spain who is a #ExFundy as well as host Nathan. He will be sharing his story of finding freedom from legalism!