Thank you to each one of you for making this podcast… it is a true blessing to me!

I am a student at Cairn University which was a huge jump when I told my IFB friends and spiritual leaders I was going to a ‘liberal non- denominational college’. I grew up as a missionary kid and now a pastors kid in the Northeast IFB church community. The podcast has helped me with my views of who Jesus really is and much more!

I have struggled a lot recently even with my dad on music, Bible versions, and even just differing in how we see the Bible.

I showed him some episodes of the RFP and he liked some of what you all said, but it’s almost as if he is going back to all the rules (His words) because “Just like a game of basketball, the Christian life is filled with rules and regulations”. I’m kind of in a jam with how to make it not affect our personal relationship, but it’s starting to. I want to help him, but I don’t want to hurt our relationship.

I’m still praying and finding true Christianity as I follow Jesus and only Him!

Thank You,

Ben Nemo

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