Good evening gentlemen,

I cannot express how thankful I am for your ministry. I want to be brief and to the point.

Like everyone else I grew up IBF in church and  I went to an IBF school of a different church. All my life I was told to follow the rules, wear the culottes, women must look the part, go to college to find a man, and be a perfect stay at home wife. My wonderful parents never forced those rules on me, but my environments did thus making me always seem different from the group. I asked questions, I didn’t fit the mold of a “good Baptist woman” and was embarrassed many times from it.

I did an strange thing when I graduated – I went to college to get a degree in science and not a man. When I graduated I moved out of state to teach on my own – another weird thought, I was independent.  Sadly, I worked at another IBF church who ostracize me and told lies about me even before I moved there.

I married a man who grew up Catholic and God graciously saved. I moved back to my home church. ( I apologize this isn’t brief)

Certain painful events have transpired and now after 26 years, I don’t know what I believe and who to believe.  I don’t know where to go.  You guys seem to have found the Truth. You seem to be so happy. I attempted suicide this summer because of the pressures of this cult. I promise I’m not a nutcase, but I am broken person wanting to even believe that there is even a God.

I know you receive so many emails, but if you could just send a little advice to someone who used to know the answers, if any of this is worth it, I would be most grateful.


God bless you guys and your work! And thank you for your time,

A crushed soul

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