I’m so very thankful for your podcast! I’m a 28 year old, new pastor. I grew up in a pretty laid back IFB church, but there were definitely ties with some legalism at some of the youth conferences and camps we went to. The Bible college I attended originally in Oklahoma had a lot of legalistic tendencies as well.

Although I would fall in line more on the side of Dave Young (which was a great episode, by the way!), I can definitely see the value of what you all are doing!

In fact, in the new church we just planted in WA state, we’ve come across some people who grew up in very legalistic IFB circles. They only attended our church originally because it was engrained in their minds that they had to go to an Independent Baptist Church. However, after attending our services, they are finding their true freedom in Christ! And it has been amazing to be a part of! Your podcast is helping pastors like me, who are technically still “IFB”(if I get to define each of those terms). It is helping us to minister effectively to others.

Thank you for what you’re doing. Thank you for the ridicule that you all so often endure. Thank you for consistently exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit. I pray for each of you often, and I hope that one day I can meet each of you!

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