First off I just wanted to say thank you for the podcast, thank you for what you do. Thank you for challenging people and keeping Jesus first. You guys and your stories and what all you have done in these past months has been pretty amazing. I came a long your podcast during the time of the Phil Kidd episode, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I went back and listened to other episodes through out your time and the episode of “legalism exposed” or one of the episodes with the “ifb precher clips” and they were unbelievable. To hear you guys talk about how legalistic thinking only brings 2 things such as pride and arrogance or depression and disappointment. That is the most true thing ive ever heard. So many preachers have mastered their legalistic thinking and way of life that they now are so arrogant and pride filled that God has an incredibly hard time working through them because they are so caught in themselves..  About 4 years ago I had struggled with the legalistic way of thinking and completely ran from Christ, I was saved at 16, was helping with a bible study around 18, but completely lost any desire to serve because why would you want to come to Christ if all you ever felt like you did was disappoint him. Flash forward to two years ago, my life really changed. I was struggling in a very low place and the only place I knew to go was to Jesus, but this time was different. I came to him and everything started working out, he started molding my life, shaping my life, although with an altered belief system and not knowing at the time what he was doing. During This time I had started a new bible study and was leading a bible study, teaching some of the old traditions, still struggling with sin, and hurting deeply because I felt I was never going to live up to what God was calling me to do and I felt like I was completely letting down my group which brought me to a place of wanting God to take me from this place because I was never going to measure up.  In January of this past year I discovered Grace, True Grace, all through surrender. I gave up control, I stopped listening to so much other crap out there because that’s what most of it is, it’s crap. I started reading  the Bible, studying for myself, learning discernment and Then I hit Galatians and Galatians blew my mind. I call it the freedom book. Because it set me free. During this time I was learning to play guitar at God hit me with a song and a new way of thinking. I use to always think What a day that will be, because there was nothing here for me and I was just struggling through when it’s always been “because he lives.” I use to try and live the sermon on the mount, and now I live the life God gave me through his son Jesus Christ and the freedom in that. People want to argue that because they have tried so hard for ever to master the flesh and maybe some do good but True Grace makes you change and overcome the flesh by true spirit, not by you, but by his spirit, it changes you from the inside out and not the outside in as so many legalistic believers think. When we change from the inside, everything else changes. Because it’s no longer a religion, but it’s a relationship and isn’t that what it’s all about.

So for me I want to say thank you, You guys have gave me some awesome bible study segments to throw in when teaching.

I also live close Chatt so It makes it even more real for me.

I am proud of all of you three, because I know hard it was for me to escape legalism, but for you guys it had to be even more difficult growing up in it so deep. I’m praying for you and ask that you pray for me as I continue to try and lead people to Christ and true Christianity.

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