I was raised in an IFB home, school and church. I went to an IFB Bible College. Served for a few years at an IFB church. I started to see inconsistency within the IFB from my church, my friends church and others on social media. I saw how they placed tradition over truth and how they majored on minors. The pastor demanded loyalty to him above anything else. I was getting burned out physically trying to keep up with everything but would always go along with the program because i felt as though that is what i should be doing. I started to “look over the fence” and see that other Christians had joy but i was so burned out i couldn’t have joy. And then it happened. One day, i got to the point that i was ready to quit it and everything about it then i spoke with a friend who years before left the IFB and he encouraged me that there was plenty of good Christians outside of IFB and that I could be free from the  OBVIOUS BOUNDS OF LEGALISM. When i finally left, it put a wedge between my family and my friends who were still a part of the movement. That was about 6 months ago, so the wounds are still fresh. I’m praying that one day they will be healed. I pray that our relationships will be restored. I’m in a Christian church today and am beginning my healing process from IFB. I started listening to this podcast in April and it has been a balm that was needed for my burns. Thank you for ministering to me personally. I know that there are others out there who need this. They just don’t know it yet! Thank you guys. Please keep this going!