-God’s Word hardly ever opened in sermons. If there was even preaching…and the “man of God” was never to be questioned. Everything he said was truth. Period.

-Girls only Sunday school class consisted of how to be the perfect wife lessons. Literally. No scripture. Our pastor picked out his wife’s clothes every morning as well.

-tired of listening to the same preaching everywhere we went and being spit on and yelled at and belittled and talked down to. Sammy Allen literally screamed in my face that I better get down to the altar and get saved (literally months after I had gotten saved…. and I had never met the man before in my life.) How is that not supposed to confuse a new Christian??

-Being asked to sing and then having to sing the same song or verse of a song dozens of times to get emotions going. Literally dozens. No exaggeration.

-My pastor told me to my face that my dad was going to hell because his hair was down past his ears. Yeah….

-Told that if I didn’t wear a skirt 24/7 that it was my fault that my “Christian brothers” stumble and I should be ashamed of my body (curves, chest, etc.) My pastor went to my place of employment and saw me wearing pants (part of a uniform) and pulled me aside and told me i was sinning and prayed “for me.”

-my fiancé (at the time) was called an S.O.B. by my Pastor at our marriage counseling because he wasn’t part of the IFB movement. The pastor hated him from the start and tried to find ways of breaking us up. Scare tactics, etc. (he was cut out of the wedding after that btw)

-After I left the church, the pastor (maybe 2 years later) spent all the churches money and decided he wasn’t “growing spiritually” there anymore and left them high and dry.

I, unfortunately, have so many other stories. But I am so glad God freed me from the legalism that is the IFB movement. I am so thankful to have found your podcast. I finally feel validated. I don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you for all you are doing!

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