My dad was IBF preacher.  Thankfully he never embraced this movement.  We did grow up in the environment and some of the thoughts and philosophy did impact me.  I didn’t realize how much until listening to your podcast.  One event does stand out in my memory.  I would say about 30 years ago my boyfriend encouraged me to attend a Jack Hyles youth conference. Jack told a tearjerker, overly  emotional story about a young Christian girl that rebelled against Christianity.  Her life had a tragic ending near the church she had last attended.   He then gave an alter call challenging young people to get their life right and follow the Lords calling.  As I set there I watched over 75% of the people flock  to the alter.  I remember thinking am I the only sane person in this church.  I felt like he tried to capture the audience’s mind and emotions with that story.   I did not feel like he preached about truely serving the Lord and what following the Lord looks like.  By the way this girl rebelled again IBF standards and not true Biblical standards.  I did not date this guy again because of some oh his beliefs.   Even as young adult many years ago there many things I saw in the IBF that were questionable.  I still attend church and always been very active but not in IBF church.