Note: This story has been edited to remove identifying information at the request of the listener.

I was raised in this church, moved off to Tennessee for college and came back after I graduated. Our church is part of a Baptist Association, which is an association of 48 churches. We are barely connected to the Southern Baptist Convention but not involved but we are also not an IFB. Up until a few years ago, I had no idea what IFB was. Upon meeting more pastors and laymembers that were a part of IFB I noticed that they are very much a like [our association], hereafter referred to as BCB. Our church is one of the more progressive churches and for that we are basically an outcast in the association, but honestly that does not bother me. Within the association there is a big click who alot of folks refer to has the cream of the crop preachers. I am going to list a few of the issues that they cling to, to give you guys more insight into how our area is. I apologize for my story being difficult to understand but I will try to explain things the best I can.

Preaching: they are KJV only for sure and anyone who uses anything else is a heretic. While my church is still KJV, I do read and study from other translations and have no problem with folks who preach from others.
-the preacher must be loud and hack or he is not filled with the Spirit of God. Also they prefer one who runs a round and jump pews. Honestly growing up in this style, I wanted to be just like them but thank God he quickly got me out of that
-the preacher is a heretic if he wears shorts at the beach or to mow his grass. I have actually heard this several times from behind the pulpit and it drives me insane because there simply isnt any bible for it
-the preacher is also an heretic if he has any bible education or uses any type notes or outline while he is preaching

-the church must only use real wine and they are not in fellowship with God if they use grape juice. This is a very big issue with the association Pastors. In fact, several years ago a church outside the association (that uses grapejuice) called a man that was a member of a church in the association to be their pastor. He accepted the church but his home church refused to ordain him because the church that called him uses grapejuice. He never went there to pastor

Baptism of other denominations
-if anyone joins a BCB church from Methodist, Presbyterian etc they must be rebaptized.
one church even split because someone joined from a First Baptist Church and they required them to be rebaptized again since it wasn’t a Missionary Baptist Church

Withdrawing fellowship
-when someone leaves a BCB to join a church of a different denomination the church withdraws fellowship from them for “departing the faith” To me, the faith is the saving work of Jesus Christ, so I do not see an individual leaving my church to join a different church as departing the faith

End Times
-everyone is Amillennial and anyone who mentions the word millennial reign is immediately excommunicated. They will not allow anyone to join or preach at their church if they believe in the millennial reign. While I am not sure my exact stance on this issue (I am more pre-mil) I do preach men who believe in it, I just forewarn them about the beliefs in my area.

I am sorry for so much rambling but if you have questions or need me to clarify something more feel free to let me know. I do appreciate you guys and your heart for the Gospel of our Lord and Savior and claiming the Truth over tradition

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